Install Opera web browser on Linux Ubuntu Systems. Opera 52 arrives with an improved ad blocker which provides faster page loading than on Opera 51 or Google Chrome. The latest stable version of our browser also includes a new method of selecting and copying multiple page addresses.


Opera 52’s ad blocker is now faster than its predecessor and outperformed the recently unveiled ad blocking contender from Google Chrome.

Opera 52 enhances the way users can manage their tabs, including selecting and executing actions on multiple tabs, copying multiple page addresses at once and a new keyboard shortcut for closing tabs. Users can select multiple tabs by holding down Ctrl while clicking on each desired tab (⌘ + click for macOS users). Additionally, holding down Shift and clicking on a tab will select all other tabs to its right. We think this improvement to tab manipulation will prove to be very useful.

It also brings new animation. Error pages tend to raise our blood pressure. Who wouldn’t be upset by a DNS error, right? We decided to make this experience a tad more pleasant by introducing some cool animations.



Download Opera 52