Wine development release 3.5 is now available. How to install Wine 3.5 in Ubuntu Linux Systems. Wine 3.5 is released with Vulkan support, including the vulkan-1 loader. It also brings support for RSA and ECDSA cryptographic keys and an improved manifest file parser.


Bugs fixed in Wine development release 3.5 (total 58):

  • 13351 Empire Earth v. 1.00: mouse is not responsive
  • 17410 game ‘will rock’ not started
  • 24721 Explorer++ crashes when choosing to view large icons or extra large icons
  • 29628 Sylenth1: crashes at startup
  • 29842 IE4 crashes on showing certificate authorities, needs wininet.dll.ParseX509EncodedCertificateForListBoxEntry
  • 30076 .NET Framework 4.x with WinVer setting “Windows 7” spams terminal with “LocaleNameToLCID/LCIDToLocaleName unsupported flags 8000000” (LOCALE_ALLOW_NEUTRAL_NAMES)
  • 30538 Touhou 11, 12, and 13 are incredibly slow with Intel, Nouveau, and Nvidia drivers
  • 30611 Lazarus browser sample fails, needs ieframe:ViewObject_Draw implementation
  • 31850 Age of Mythology needs pidgen.dll.PIDGenSimpA
  • 34097 Mega Man Unlimited: Game works, sound is choppy and slow
  • 34101 Need for Speed: Shift demo crashes in ‘purist’ mode (d3dx9_36) (needs ID3DXEffect::FindNextValidTechnique method implementation)
  • 34182 Empire Earth v2.0: mouse cursor only moves at high mouse movement
  • 36843 “Read only”checkbox on Save As dialog
  • 38564 Rush for Berlin Gold crashes after starting
  • 38623 gdiplus: Image:GetPropertySize returns bogus values for a PNG image
  • 38829 Jammer Pro 6 crashes on file open
  • 38836 SCM ‘StartService’ must wait for driver service entry point execution before return (PunkBuster ‘PnkBstrB’ service failure, CPU-Z randomly fails to load its driver, BattlEye ‘BEDaisy’ kernel service)
  • 39582 Battlefield 3 (Origin) requires bcrypt RSA to verify installation files
  • 39979 SupArc crashes inside msvcr110
  • 40164 Implement vulkan-1.dll to provide Vulkan API for Windows applications
  • 40273 Paprika Recipe Manager needs windowscodecs.dll.WICCreateBitmapFromSection
  • 40826 Galactic Civilizations III: does not start
  • 41113 ClipStudioPaint is unable to render canvas
  • 41320 Starcraft 2 crashes with “Unexpected Fatal Error” immediately after opening.
  • 41583 Starcraft 2 hangs with “setup_exception stack overflow”
  • 42016 texture map covering whole screen (Driver San Francisco)
  • 42553 AutoCAD2017 web installation fails due to ECB chaining mode not implemented in bcrypt
  • 43186 1Password 6.5.401 crashes on login with System.TypeInitializationException
  • 43209 Doom (2016) no longer boots
  • 43241 bad performance (low fps) in Grand Theft Auto V
  • 43247 Grand Theft Auto V consumes all space on system partition
  • 43518 Titanfall2 needs bcrypt.dll.BCryptExportKey (OpaqueKeyBlob format)
  • 43605 Wine does not support elliptic curve cryptography
  • 43824 texture Stretched burnout paradise
  • 43825 Burnout paradise freeze or crash on multiplayer
  • 43935 Wolfenstein 2: The new Colossus does not start, requires VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
  • 43998 treeview not drawn correctly
  • 44278 Multiple applications crash on unimplemented function [email protected]@@YAHXZ
  • 44496 Custom imports resolver used by multiple kernel drivers can’t cope with ‘ntoskrnl.exe’ low-level (wc)string/copy helpers being forwarded to ‘msvcrt.dll’ (BattlEye ‘BEDaisy’, Sentinel HASP ‘hardlock.sys’)
  • 44497 BattlEye ‘BEDaisy’ kernel service crashes on unimplemented ntoskrnl.exe ObCallback (object manager) functions
  • 44504 vlc 2.2.6: playback performance hampered
  • 44623 The Witcher 3: Wine d3dx11 capped to 60Hz/fps
  • 44640 Enterprise Architect now longer draw diagram correctly with gdiplus
  • 44677 Property dialogs in Visio 2003 are not working with Wine 3.2/3.3
  • 44693 Native Access crashes on unimplemented function vcruntime140.dll.__current_exception
  • 44718 Screenhero 0.14.x (.NET 4.x app) needs ‘sas.dll’ (WinLogon Software SAS Library)
  • 44719 3dgep Learning DX12 – Lesson 1 needs unimplemented function USER32.dll.SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext
  • 44742 Divinity: Original Sin 2 crashes due to unimplemented IPHLPAPI.DLL.ConvertLengthToIpv4Mask
  • 44744 Autodesk Fusion 360 need propsys.dll.PSGetPropertyKeyFromName to be installed
  • 44746 Running any command in MS PowerShell 6+ (.NET app) results in advapi:EventActivityIdControl console spam
  • 44770 ExpressPCB Plus 1.1 (.NET 3.5 SP1 app) throws ‘System.NotImplementedException: Not implemented at System.Drawing.Pen.TranslateTransform’ (GdipTranslatePenTransform not implemented)
  • 44772 progecad 2018 installer does not start
  • 44776 Ffmpeg h265 encoding error (needs KERNEL32.dll.GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx)
  • 44786 Native Instruments crashes: Unimplemented function vcruntime140.dll.__processing_throw
  • 44804 PCBWeb crashes: Call to unimplemented function d3dx11_43.dll.D3DX11CreateTextureFromFileW
  • 44811 BattlEye ‘BEDaisy’ kernel service crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe._chkstk
  • 44829 MinimalOpenGL sample crashes in unimplemented GetDpiFor{System/Window}
  • 44843 Cursor icons when resizing “wine windows” aren’t the same as the system theme

“Install Wine 3.5”

  • Run the following commands in terminal to install Wine development release 3.5 in Ubuntu Linux Systems:

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-add-repository
  • sudo apt-add-repository ‘deb xenial main’
    wget -nc && sudo apt-key add Release.key
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install –install-recommends winehq-devel

NOTE:  sudo apt-add-repository ‘deb xenial main’ – Please note that the aboce command is for Linux Mint 18.x.

Download Wine 3.5

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:


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