Discover how to introduce WordPress on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), setup a LAMP stack and design a WordPress site. In this WordPress course you’ll learn how to introduce WordPress on a Virtual Private Server from beginning to end. It is suggest you: know about WordPress and have a fundamental Linux understanding.

You can utilize any VPS you like (in a perfect world running Ubuntu), the course itself utilizes a VPS running Ubuntu 16.04 with Digital Ocean – beginning with this setup is shrouded as a matter of first importance in the course.

Next, you’ll learn how to introduce and setup a LAMP stack comprising of Apache 2, MySQL and PHP.  At that point a MySQL database for WordPress is setup, trailed by Apache 2 and PHP changes for WordPress.

The course at that point proceeds onward to introducing the WordPress documents starting with no outside help by downloading the source code; separating and designing the record framework effectively (Linux record authorizations and possession); and, at last the WordPress content (wp_config.php) is arranged accurately.

Ultimately, the course covers the front-end web interface introduce ventures for WordPress and fundamental WordPress webpage arrangement.

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Download Free Tutorial Install WordPress on a VPS – A Step by Step Guide

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