How to install PyCharm 2019.1 Python IDE in Ubuntu. PyCharm is Python IDE for Linux Ubuntu Systems, for Professional developers. PyCharm 2019.1 is out now with all-new Jupyter Notebook support, ‘recent location’ for navigation, custom theme plugins, and much more.

New in PyCharm 2019.1
Jupyter Notebooks support has been completely redesigned. Direct editing of Notebooks is now available in PyCharm 2019.1, with a convenient side-by-side view that helps you get a better overview of your Notebook’s source code while seeing the output right next to it. You can run and debug cells straight from the IDE.
Quick documentation for HTML and CSS has been improved. Quick question: when writing a ‘padding’ property in CSS, what comes first? Left and right, or top and bottom? Just write ‘padding’ in a CSS file and press Ctrl-Q (or Ctrl-J on macOS) to find the answer!
Navigate quickly to recent locations, rather than files. When you’re making quick edits, you frequently need to go back and forth between locations. The recent files popup (Ctrl-E, or Cmd-E on macOS) has always been there to quickly move between files you’re editing, but now we’ve also got the new and improved recent locations popup. Try it now: just press Ctrl-Shift-E (or Cmd-Shift-E on macOS).
We’ve ending support for two Python versions: 2.6 (that has been end-of-life since 2013), and 3.4 (which just reached end-of-life). If you’re still using these versions, you’ll receive a warning that these versions are no longer supported. Some PyCharm functionality might no longer work, and we won’t fix any bugs related to these Python versions anymore.
Upgrade Now
To get the new version of PyCharm, upgrade in one of the following ways:
Download the new version
Choose Help | Check for Updates in PyCharm
Use JetBrains Toolbox to upgrade
If you’re using Ubuntu, or any other distro that supports snap, PyCharm will automatically update using snap (if you’ve installed PyCharm with snap).
Install PyCharm 2019.1

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd snapd-xdg-open
sudo snap install pycharm-community --classic
sudo snap install pycharm-professional --classic


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