Installation process

Install the latest Photoflare image editor in Ubuntu Linux. Photoflare is inspired by the image editor currently only available on Microsoft Windows – PhotoFiltre. However, it will not be a straight clone. It is being built from the ground up to be much improved and cross platform too!

Photoflare is a cross-platform image editor with an aim to balance between powerful features and a very friendly graphical user interface. It suits a wide variety of different tasks and users who value a more nimble workflow. Features include basic image editing capabilities, paint brushes, image filters, colour adjustments and more advanced features such as Batch image processing.

Basic editing

Create an image.
Crop an image.
Flip/Rotate images.
Resize Image size.
Resize Image canvas.
The Toolpalette.

Advanced editing

Hue variation.
Add/Editing text.


Modify Preferences.

Photoflare v1.6.2

Photoflare v1.6.2 has been officially released. This release includes some important bug fixes. Expect installers to appear on the website within the next few days.

Fixed building on OpenMandriva Cooker

Github user “AngryPenguinPL” submitted a patch for compilation with clang and the lld linker. (#248) This will make any OpenMandriva users extra happy or really the developers who package up the software for them.

Zoom definitions

Before explaining the changes below it makes sense to explain certain concepts relating to image zoom.

Autozoom – When you open an image the zoom level will be set automatically depending on the image size.
Step zoom – Zooming an image by picking a value from the zoom combobox.

Fixed zoom in transition from autozoom to step zoom.

*Initial value set by Autozoom.

Previous – 46% goes to 33%. Obviously incorrect value.
Current – 46% goes to 50% which is the next increased value on the combobox.

Fixed zoom out transition from autozoom to step zoom.

*Initial value set by Autozoom.

Previous – 46% goes to 600%. Obviously incorrect value.
Current – 46% goes to 33% which is the next decreased value on the combobox.

Minor changes but very important too. The zoom bugs were annoying me for a while but only recently I had the time to fix them. That’s it for this release!


PPA – Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 18.10, Ubuntu 19.04 and Ubuntu 19.10

Stable Releases
Daily Releases

Install Photoflare v1.6.2

sudo apt-get upgrade 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:photoflare/photoflare-stable
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt install photoflare

Photoflare v1.6.2 Keyboard shortcuts

Menu Shortcut Action
File Ctrl+N Launch the New file dialog.
File Ctrl+O Launch the Open file dialog.
File Ctrl+S Save the current file.
File Ctrl+Shift+S Save the current file with a new file name.
File Ctrl+Shift+W Closes the current file.
File Ctrl+P Print the current file.
File Ctrl+J Launch the Image properties dialog.
File Ctrl+Q Quit the application.
Edit Ctrl+C Copy current image.
Edit Ctrl+V Paste current image.
Edit Ctrl+Shift+V Paste current image as new image.
Image Ctrl+H Launch the Resize image dialog.
Image Ctrl+U Duplicate the current image into a new tab.
Image Ctrl+Shift+H Crop the current image based on your selected area.
Selection Ctrl+A Select the whole current image as your selected area.
View Ctrl+L Show/hide the toolpalette.
View Ctrl+Shift(+)+ Increase zoom level.
View Ctrl(+)- Decrease zoom level.
View Ctrl+0 Original zoom level. (100%)
View Ctrl+F Set application to full screen.


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