Install Papirus theme for LibreOffice. Users can install Papirus theme on Ubuntu Linux { for Libreoffice application }. Using the papirus-libreoffice-theme, one can make the LibreOffice look more beautiful and impressive. The Papirus theme for LibreOffice is available in three variants:

Papirus Dark
NOTE: To select the papirus-libreoffice-theme Go to Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View to choose the theme.

Install – Ubuntu and derivatives
You can install libreoffice-style-papirus from our official PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:papirus/papirus
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libreoffice-style-papirus

or download .deb packages from here.

Papirus Installer
Use the script to install the latest version directly from this repo (independently
 on your distro):
wget -qO-
-libreoffice-theme/master/ | sh

Remove / Uninstall

wget -qO-
-libreoffice-theme/master/ | sh


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