How to disable or enable automatic error reporting in Ubuntu Linux Systems. An easy way to turn off Apport Error Reporting, Internal System Error reporting in Ubuntu. Disabling it will get rid of Internal System Error Apport pop-ups in Ubuntu system.

Apport is a debugging tool that automatically generates crash reports for OS and critical system functions. Since Ubuntu 13.04 release, Apport is enabled by default, but you can easily turn the Apport Error Reporting.

Enable Error Reporting through Command Line

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install apport
$ sudo systemctl start apport

Now open the apport configuration file and set up properly to start the apport service at boot.

$ sudo nano /etc/default/apport

Please note that the value of enabled is set to 1 in this configuration file. Once done, save the changes to this file and exit.

Disable Error Reporting through Command Line

Stop Apport

The Apport service is in running or active state by default when you install Ubuntu 18.04. You can stop this service by running the following command as sudo:

$ sudo service apport stop

Stop Apport: Once you stop the Apport, your system will not send any error reports during the current log in section. Note that the service will silently stop without giving any notification and the Apport service will, however, start again on the next system boot.

Disable Apport at Boot

Disable Apport: Permanently disable the Apport service by making changes in the Apport configuration file:

$ sudo nano /etc/default/apport

When the file opens in Gedit text editor, and change “enabled” from “1” to “0” and save the file. Now the Apport won’t be started anymore from next system restart. You can also stop the running Apport process so you don’t have to restart your computer.

You can also completely remove the apport service including its configurations:

$ sudo apt-get purge apport


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