digiKam 5.9.0 is released. Install digiKam photo management application for Linux Ubuntu Systems. digiKam provides a comprehensive set of tools for importing, managing, editing, and sharing photos and raw files. digiKam can easily handle libraries containing more than 100,000 images and it process raw files, edit JPEGs, publish photos to social media.

digiKam 5.9.0

digiKam 5.9.0 brings many improvements and fixes. Mysql support has also recieve fixes about database schema migration which can introduce errors while converting old database files generated with digiKam 4.x.

digiKam 5.9.0 brings face management which have been also fixed with some special workflow cases, but lead works still in pending queue for this summer especially to introduce the new recognition algorithms. We also apply some small fixes about group and ungroup operations done by end users in icon-view while cataloging items.

Next major version 6.0.0 will look promising, and will introduce new features as a full support of video files management working as photo, a huge factoring of code and less external dependencies to simplify application compilation, packaging, and maintenance for the next years.